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Corporate Services

⇓ What we do ...

  • Marketing campaigns, meetings, seminars, plant visits: planning, coordination and protocol.
  • Travel management and operation: visa, logistics, accommodation, food and beverage, sightseeing.
  • Travel risk assessment and destination safety advisory.
  • Executive Services: assistance and scheduling, private charter, close security.

⇓ Where we do it ...

  • Regions: ASEAN, Europe, America, Australia and New Zealand.
  • Theme travel: cruises, events, special interests, education and training.

⇓ How we do it ...

  • We do it ourselves: we are neither broker or agent. AyaThai services are provided by AyaThai.
  • We do it well: we respect standards of service and quality of care.
  • We do it for you: we care about your brand image mindful of your budget.

⇓ Corporate ethics and compliance ...

  • We maintain standards of business ethics and integrity similar and compatible to that of other global corporations.
  • We maintain compliance with the UK Bribery Act and the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.